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Achieve better posture with Zami design stools

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This is Why People Love Zami

“Since I started using the Zami my back feels much less strained by the end of the day. I am able to sit comfortably in a variety of positions and my overall mood has increased! I can’t imagine going back to sitting in an office chair. Zami rocks!”

Lindsey Graham-Jones
Jewelry Designer & Fabricator @ Mendo Cruz 


“I sit on the Zami in my studio every day doing my drawings and designs for installations and exhibitions. Zami allows a natural sitting position which supports my concentration and focus. It works as my foundation for thinking, working and relaxing.”

Albert Van Der Weide
Artist / Columnist / Organizer

Dana Santas
“Unlike any other ergonomic chair on the market, the Zami stool’s design facilitates proper alignment of your pelvis, spine and ribcage to promote functional use of your diaphragm. So, when I’m sitting on my Zami, I not only sit with better posture, I breathe better!”

Dana Santas
Creator & Director @ Radius Yoga Conditioning



The Problem

We are sitting more than ever before and are seeing increasing evidence how this affects our health. Poor posture is likely to develop neck and shoulder problems and sitting for long periods of time is associated with multiple health risk factors.

The Idea

A stool that gives you the optimal curve for your spine, enabling good posture. The stool focuses on helping you achieve good posture by actually tracking how you sit and informing you how to improve your daily sitting habits.

The Solution

Inspired by European craftmanship the designer Ruud-Jan Kokke developed the perfect stool – a piece of art designed to shape the future of sitting. Zami promotes good posture and incorporates technology which provides feedback on your sitting habits, coaching you towards a healthier lifestyle.


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“Bootstrapping Dutch startup Zami Life is aiming to engineer posture problems out of the office worker’s life with an ergonomic stool that has a curved seat.”

– TechCrunch (May 5, 2015)


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“Unlike a treadmill desk or exercise ball, it won’t stick out like a sore thumb in your office (and you won’t have to worry about rolling off it in the middle of a meeting).”

– The Atlantic: CityLab (May, 2015)


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“Zami smart stool senses unhealthy sitting habits”

– Gizmag (May 6, 2015)


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“Zami Smart is a stool designed to improve your posture and give you real-time feedback along the way, without looking like something you rolled out of your yoga class.”

– Digital Trends (May 23, 2015)

Introducing the Zami stools

Zami is the result of years of research and is designed with your posture in mind. Zami is an ergonomically Dutch designed stool made from the highest quality European sourced materials. The patented double convex form was developed to promote active sitting and support better posture. Unlike most ergonomic solutions, Zami provides a sense of luxury and simplicity and looks great in any home or work interior.

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Zami App

Coaching you towards a healthier lifestyle.

– Posture Tracking

Improve your posture with performance based feedback

– Statistics

Track your performance with robust statistics

– Core training

Train your core to burn calories and help maintain good posture

The Team

When design meets science.

Ruud-Jan Kokke
Co-founder / Lead Designer

The Red Dot Award winning Dutch Designer is known for his elegant and organic designs. His work focuses on functionality with an innovative twist. Kokke’s designs can be found in the permanent collection of MOMA New York and the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

Piet Van Loon
Co-founder / Orthopedic Surgeon

Piet is specialised on preventative and non surgical solutions of the spine. He is passionate about research on the biomedical science behind good posture. He invented the TLI brace and has published research papers about the negative effects of prolonged sitting which inspired the Zami stool design.

Sit well with Zami design stools

Spend less time worrying about neck and back pain by focusing on sitting right.

Improve Your Posture

Track Your Performance

Strengthen Your Core


The Science Behind Zami

Join the Revolution in Active Sitting

Zami promotes good posture by enabling the optimal curve for your spine.

Zami was inspired by years of research by orthopedic surgeon Piet Van Loon who specializes in preventative care and non surgical solutions for the spine. He is passionate about the research on biomedical science behind good posture. He invented the TLI brace and has published research articles about the negative effects of prolonged sitting.



The health benefits of sitting on a Zami design stool vs. a regular chair include:

  •   Enhances posture immediately upon sitting
  •   Trains muscles to maintain proper posture
  •   Decreases back pain and injury risk
  •   Encourages circulation, minimizes edema and varicose veins
  •   Increases ability to breathe
  •   Strengthens pelvic floor function 
  •   Lessens physical and mental stress

The science behind the design:

  • Immediately aligns pelvis in neutral position to facilitate natural curves of spine
  • Demands 360 degrees of integrated core muscle activation
  • Promotes “active” sitting and movement of legs for enhanced circulation and decreased lower-body lethargy
  • Positions diaphragm’s attachment to lumbar spine and ribcage for improved respiratory and postural function
  • Sets pelvis symmetrically, aligning the diaphragm and pelvic floor for synchronous function
  • Restores neuromuscular efficiency of proper skeletal alignment to eliminate muscular tension; initiates functional diaphragmatic breathing to mitigate the stress response, lowering heart rate, blood pressure and cortisol production



Tourmaline LabsTourmaline Labs

Established in 2013 in San Diego, California, Tourmaline Labs, Inc. specializes in the development of cutting edge technologies and software that improve the performance of applications or mobile devices that use GPS positioning.

CEO Sven Beer: “Zami is the perfect product to promote the healthy lifestyle that Tourmaline Labs strives to give our employees, in this case, the opportunity to sit better.”


Meet our Chief Mobility Advisor

We are proud to have Dana Santas expertise and experience on board.

As an international health and wellness expert and the creator of Radius Yoga, Dana has dedicated her career to helping people move, breathe and feel better. She’s the yoga expert for CNN Health as well as the sports performance mobility trainer for numerous teams and athletes in MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL, PGA and WTA.

“In the few months that I’ve been using my Zami stool in place of my desk chair, I’ve experienced how effective it is in facilitating the natural curves of my spine and promoting awareness of my sitting habits, while actually increasing my level of activity when seated.”