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Introducing Zami Life’s Interactive “SitSmarterScope” Series on Periscope:

Most of us know we need to improve our posture and sitting habits.

However, how many of us actually know HOW to improve them?

It’s a little more complicated than “sit up straight” but it’s easier to change and maintain than you might expect. You simply need to be empowered with easy-to-understand information about how your body posture works and how it should feel.

That’s why we launched a weekly series on Periscope of interactive #SitSmarterScope broadcasts every Monday around 1pmEST. During each scope, as Zami Life’s Chief Mobility Advisor, I’ll share ways we can improve the health of our sitting habits, enhance our posture posture and even integrate simple yoga and breathing exercises into our daily routines to feel better in our bodies and happier in our lives.

Because the broadcasts are live, you have the opportunity to interact directly with me to ask questions and share your experience as I take you through the exercises.  If you can’t make it to the live broadcast, you have 24 hours to view the replay. If you’re new to Periscope, you’ll need to download the app on your phone and then follow me @MobilityMaker to be alerted when the broadcast begins.

In the meantime, check out some of my CNN articles for more tips on sitting smarter, breathing better and incorporating yoga-inspired activities at the office.

Together, we can all sit smarter and healthier.

We invite you to join us on our mission to revolutionize sitting! Until February 1st, you can use the code: SitSmarterScope at checkout to receive 10% off your Zami stool.

Hope to see you on Periscope next Monday!

Start 2016 fresh by swapping your office chair for a Zami

We hear it all the time: “New Year. New You.”
If you’ve committed to health & wellness changes in 2016, you’re certainly not alone. Millions of us make resolutions. But it’s estimated that 80% of us abandon them before the end of January.


Much of our failure comes from putting unrealistic expectations on ourselves.

Too often, we structure our resolutions in ways that require significant changes to our everyday habits—habits that we’ve spent a lifetime building. I’m not just talking about the acts of changing our diets or exercise programs but the actual context in which we need to make these changes.

Getting up an hour earlier to go to the gym or prep health meals each day might not sound like a huge life disruption, but—if you’ve been waking up at 7am every day for the past twenty years or more—just the mere act of awakening at 6am is going to be a struggle…never mind following through on going to the gym or preparing your food. I’m not saying it’s impossible. Of course not. But let’s be realistic about the difficulty level of the resolutions we set in the context of our ingrained, everyday lifestyle habits.

Rather than setting goals that create significant disruptions in our lives, why not integrate subtle-yet-effective changes that don’t demand massive changes to our habits and schedule? We can accomplish this by focusing on making non-disruptive “enhancements” to some of our unhealthy habits.

For instance, on a small scale, what could you do about the extra calories/caffeine you take in and money you spend at Starbucks every day? Instead of eliminating your daily latte, simply downsize from a grande to a tall. You still get to enjoy ritual aspect of your routine coffee break, while your health and your wallet still experience a benefit.

On a larger scale, by swapping out your current office chair for a Zami stool, you aren’t forcing yourself to adapt to sweeping changes to your sitting habits; rather you’re providing the means for healthier sitting—an activity you likely already do for hours every day. Doing it better—on your Zami stool—will benefit your posture and overall health.

Instead of “New Year. New You,” consider a different 2016 mantra:
“Simple Step. Sustainable Change.”

To help you take that first simple step toward a sustainable healthy lifestyle habit, Zami Life is offering 10% off during the month of January with code: zami2016

This is why I LOVE my Zami stool!

It’s no secret that—as a yoga mobility trainer and the yoga expert for CNN Health—I’m passionate about posture!

That’s because my mission is to help people move, breathe and feel better in their bodies. And proper posture embodies that mission because “holding” our posture is not static state at all but rather a dynamic activity involving your musculoskeletal, respiratory and nervous systems in concert.

This is why I LOVE my Zami stool and joined the Zami Life team. Zami’s design promotes BOTH good posture and better breathing!

Sitting on the narrow top of Zami’s double-convex design, not only facilitates the natural curves of your spine but also promotes neutral & symmetrical pelvic position to properly align the diaphragm for optimal function both as a core postural muscle and respiratory muscle.

Improve your posture

Improve Posture – Active Sitting

In addition to the adverse postural effects of simply sitting too much, especially when slumped over our computers and phones, our poor breathing habits are impacting our posture all the time!

Consider this: you take as many as 24,000 breaths per day.

Unfortunately, most of us maintain shallow, chest-oriented breathing throughout our day that keeps our ribcage improperly positioned in a forward, lifted and flared manner that does not allow proper diaphragm function. Consequently, we recruit “accessory” breathing muscles in our

neck, chest and upper back to help us breathe, creating chronic tension to hold the ribcage up and pull us further into poor posture. Because the diaphragm attaches to your lumbar spine, when it is not being used properly for breathing, it creates tension in your low back.

The Police (not “officers” but the rock group led by Sting) were absolutely right by focusing on “every move you make and every breath you take.” Respiration is your most fundamental movement. If you aren’t doing it correctly, you’re impacting EVERY aspect of your posture and movement.

In this video, I offer a quick breathing & posture exercise tutorial to show you how this works and how sitting on your Zami stool helps.

Zami Life Dana Santas explainer video

Prior to joining the Zami team and discovering the amazing posture and breathing-facilitating design of the Zami stool, my only option for training clients to correct their posture and breathing was to lay them their backs with their legs up and initiate a slight bridge/pelvic tilt to facilitate low core engagement and proper pelvis, spine, and diaphragm position to train breathing. Because the Zami stool’s design promotes active sitting with core engagement and proper pelvic, diaphragm and spine position, I now recommend that all of my clients use Zamis not only to train with me but in their daily lives. Over the past few months, the results have been incredible!